Winter Skin

This may be the only cup of coffee you see here. I drink a lot of it and I drink it all the same.

It has been a truly productive Saturday.  After getting up on the early side for errands, I got down with my cleaning side and then headed out to the gym for a pretty intense bike ride.  (With bonus parking ticket!)  An hour later, I was back home and contemplating lunch.  With lots of things in the pantry and freezer, I attempted to make soup.

Into the pot went a can of whole tomatoes (mash them up), a can full of water, a can of kidney beans, a can full of frozen corn and a generous helping of Essence of Emeril (plus a bay leaf and dried minced onion).  After it had been boiling for awhile, I threw in a heaping cup of oats.

Meijer Devotee

Twenty or so minutes later, I had soup!  Or really, given its thickness, a stew-thing.  Served up with some toast, it was actually pretty damn good.  The oats gave it a nice heft and the various and sundry seasonings ensured that it wasn’t too sweet.  I’m hoping it freezes well and then there will still be soup left for consumption in the new year.


Never leaves me disappointed.

Meanwhile, winter has hit full force here in Michigan, and with it comes all the dermatological horrors of living in a state-sized dehumidifier.  I bust out my winter companion this morning and am going through Lubriderm like I’m a paid sponsor.  Beyond staying really well hydrated at all times, I’m at a loss.  Any tips?

Everything you need to get the holidays started right.

The rest of the day shall be consumed with finishing up the cleaning and then a holiday celebration with some lovely friend-type people.


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