Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

MorningGloria over at Jezebel wrote a very interesting post yesterday, lambasting celebrities for co-opting the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Her examples were: Katy Perry (Brand?), who has apparently changed her mind on the social acceptability of homophobic slurs and lesbianism for male approval and Lady Gaga.

Here’s where I got lost. Feel free to correct me, but I was fairly certain that the Lady was bisexual. (Bisexuality: Putting the ‘B’ in LGBTQI for as long as is memorable!) And a bisexual who has long campaigned for this repeal in a very public manner. Putting aside all the problematic issues that come along with an ostensibly very liberal blog continuing the trend of refusing to believe that bisexuals are oppressed and that (furthermore) you needn’t act on your sexual identification for it to be your identity, it was sort of bizarre argument to make.


Because, really, to whom does the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell belong?

It certainly belongs to Army Medic Sargeant Lacye Presley and her partner, former Servicemember Holly Tomson. It belongs to Lieutenant Dan Choi and it belongs to every one of the many Arabic translators who were discharged for being gay. It belongs to every member of the Armed Services — future, past and present — who has ever had to wonder if their sexuality will prevent them from remaining employed.

Those days are over, after 17 long years of believing that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was the most tolerant solution for our Armed Services. And this incredible triumph for human rights belongs to each and every one of us. We should all be celebrating.

Do I enjoy watching heterosexual cisgendered celebrities pat themselves on the back for their involvement in the repeal? Not especially. Do I think that the shitstorm going down in the comments is inappropriate and detracts from this incredible page in history? Absolutely.

Ironically, by criticizing the celebrating celebrities, MorningGloria has done the very same thing that she is railing on: missing the point entirely.

It’s not about you, Jezebel.

Information found at CBS News and The New York Times.


3 responses to “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

  1. Jezebel drives me nuts anymore…I really only check it for the dirtbag.

    I agree with you: anybody who is FOR civil rights should be celebrating. This is a triumph for all people dedicated to equality.

    Now, Katy Perry/Brand, she can just STFU. I tolerated “I Kissed a Girl,” because it’s fun to sing, but after checking out the lyrics to “UR so Gay,” in which she tells someone to kill themselves because they’re so gay? And she performed it in concert as recently as this summer? Forget her. She is no advocate for LGBT people. Boo to K.P.B. Though I like Russel.

    But viva Lady Gaga, who is openly bi, who is an open ally to ALL queer people, and who campaigned for the repeal of DADT. That’s what an advocate looks like!

  2. Misterioso Adversario

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with people saying that they are happy about this repeal. Someone doesn’t have to be gay to be appreciate the repeal of DADT, I’m not and I am overjoyed, because I am pretty passionate about equal rights for all.

    • Oh we are most certainly in agreement there, and I absolutely feel the same way.

      I suppose the problem lies in whether or not it can be co-opted by celebrities who want a cookie for their involvement (or non-involvement) in orchestrating the repeal.

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