Holiday Blues? It’s okay, me too.


If you haven’t noticed, the Holidays are upon us (and have been for some time).  If you’re like me, you may be caught up in this thing called the “Holiday Blues”.  It’s a truly post-modern quarter-life crisis type phenomenon, but it certainly is a valid one.  There’s just something very claustrophobic about the holidays.

Imagine the following scenario: four people (one with some pretty severe mobility issues) in one two bedroom, two bathroom condominium.  We end up with three people vying for one toilet and four people vying for rights to the television.  And don’t get me started on the strangeness that is sharing a bedroom with your 19 year old little brother who has space-sharing issues.


It is probably a sign of our troubling times that my idea of a true holiday would be to sit quietly in a darkened room watching a Criminal Minds marathon, refusing all forms of communication with the outside world.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t love my family or don’t want to spend time with them, just that my idea of a break doesn’t involve excessive cheer — holiday or otherwise.

So how to beat the holiday blahs?  First of all, one ought to recognize that there’s very little to be done about it.  If you don’t actually hate your family (and I certainly don’t), you can focus on how nice it is to be all together for a change.  If claustrophobia is getting to you, find things to get out of the house.  (Personally, I like the fact that the gym in this building has actual televisions attached to its machines.  Better to facilitate my Criminal Minds fetish.)  As always, feel free to fall back on the usual coping mechanisms.  (Excessive sleeping, organization of to-do lists, boozing, and laundry come to mind.)


If none of those seem to help, you can always guilt trip yourself (admittedly, much easier to do if you have any affiliation with the Catholic Church).  After all, you’d probably be very upset if they weren’t around to celebrate with you.  So remind yourself, its just a week or two.

…and if all else fails, you’re probably getting a bunch of swag.


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