Holiday Bonus! Let’s make Manhattans!

Partly because its the holiday and partly because it’s part of my Journey to Adulthood, I have decided to expand my cocktail repertoire.  First up!  The Manhattan!  A classic drink made of whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters, it is served up in a traditional cocktail glass (we in the college world often call them “Martini Glasses”) with a maraschino cherry.  (Stem on, the better with which to perform oral tricks.)

Appropriate occasions for serving a Manhattan: meeting your future father-in-law for the first time, signature cocktail for a Mad Men watching party, as a special Christmas drink for a whiskey-loving lover or friend.

Occasions where you should probably skip the Manhattan: parties protesting the Four Loko ban, beer pong tournaments, post-finals celebratory power hours, anything where Jungle Juice would be more appropriate.

So here’s how it’s done!

Getting the party started. In a classy way, of course.

First of all, assemble your ingredients:  We have some Crown Royal (which I have also used to glaze a ham), Sweet Vermouth, Bitters and Cherries.  I also have a homemade cocktail shaker, but you’ll see that later.

Put some ice in your newly-minted Solo Strainer Pourer and measure out your poisons.  The whiskey:vermouth ratio is 2:1.

Then, add a few droplets of bitters (seriously, I dripped in three drops) and stir in your icy glass and strain into the classy cocktail glass.

That, my friends, is some serious ingenuity.

Garnish and enjoy!



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