Just another day in holiday paradise

Holiday breaks are usually pretty low key in my family.  Take today, for example: I got up around 10:30 and padded out to the living room, where I promptly sat around, drinking coffee and wiling away the hours until lunch on the internet.  We then headed across the street to PJ Clarke’s for a quick lunch.

You can see me in the shadows.

I had the house salad and a cup of chili, which used to be the perfect amount of food for me, but I think they must have upped their portion size, because today it was so much food. 

The salad is hands down one of the best ever, though.  Bibb lettuce, spiced pecans, hearts of palm and blue cheese.

Alas, no Oprah sitings.

After lunch, we continued on our merry way to Fox and Obel’s, a speciality (re: hoity-toity) grocery store, where Oprah does most of her shopping.  Check out all these delicious things one could buy if they were filthy rich and so inclined.

Alas, the only thing I bought was a delightful looking baking mix from Stonewall Kitchen for coconut macaroons.  (As a general rule, I never buy mixes for something I can easily/cheaply make for myself, so this is right up my alley.)

After getting back, I hit up the gym for a hot second.  Nothing too strenuous, just enough cardio to give me a reason to watch Ghost Whisperer without feeling terribly, terribly ashamed.  Then I showered and headed out to do a little economic stimulation.  (“Sale at the Gap” are four of my favorite words.)

I tried in vain to find some pants at the Gap.  (In particular, I was enamored by the tuxedo pant concept.)  It was not going to happen today.  I even shied away from picking up a new pair of jeans for a couple of reasons: (1) there’s something about the new 1969 jeans that gives them the tendency to fall apart in less than a year and (2) I should be focusing on finding real-live grown-up clothes anyway.  So, I got a festive cardigan (to go with my extensive festive cardigan collection), some tights and this stylized tuxedo jacket thing that is made with some sort of sweatshirt type material.


And that we got down to the business of dinner, which consisted entirely of Farotto’s toasted ravioli.  Toasted ravioli is a Saint Louis thing, and Farotto’s is (in my humblest of opinions) the tippity top of the toasted pyramid.  Wouldn’t you want to eat that?

It’s basically some sort of meaty crack crammed into a ravioli filling that is fried and baked to a crack-like level of desirability.  Served up with marinara sauce, it is the perfect appetizer.  At least, it was going to be the perfect appetizer during the four and a half minutes we debated making a pizza as well.  We abandoned that idea in favor of having another meal in the freezer and contented ourselves with splitting half a gallon of ravioli between 3 people.  (Shut up, okay?  I went to the gym today.)

So that’s the perfect holiday day.  I will now settle myself in to relax off the ravioli-coma and do some much needed work on my thesis.


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