Holiday Bonus: Makin’ Whiskey Sours.

Once again, we return to my super special “Drink Like a Grown Up” series.  Last time, we made Manhattans, which we all learned are highly classy beverages.  (And not for the faint of heart.  Or the weak of stomach lining.)  This go around, we’re going to make something fun!  And appropriate for a large orange cooler!  At a party with beer pong and unfortunate hookups!

It’s the Whiskey Sour!

Now, there are a lot of ways to make Whiskey Sours, many of them involving some creepy high fructose corn syrup-laden bottled “mix.”  Avoid, avoid, avoid.  Because we’re better than that, right?  So here’s what you need:

Assemble your ingredients.

-Sauce pan.
-Liquor measuring implements.
-Cocktail shaker (Solo cup or otherwise).
-Lemon juice.
-Maraschino cherries.

First, start by making a simple syrup.  (Doin’ it up right.)  Combine equal parts water and sugar in your saucepan and heat until the sugar is dissolved.  I recommend doing this a little ahead of time so that the syrup has adequate time to cool.

Before heating.

Completed syrup.

While you’re waiting, pour some sugar onto a plate and slice the lemon.  Run the lemon around the edge of the glass and then put the glass, rimside down, into the sugar.  Voila, lemon sugar rimmed glass.  (For a large party, you can do this ahead of time, too.)

Rimming the glass.

Now that your syrup is cool, pour 3 parts Whiskey (I trust you to judge how big your parts are), 2 parts lemon juice (I used the bottled because that’s a lot of lemons), and 1 part simple syrup over the ice in your shaker.
Strain and garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.



Now, if you’re making this for a huge party, there’s a way to do that too!  No need to do the simple syrup, you can replace the non-Whiskey liquids with lemonade concentrate (don’t dilute it for that sour zing) and sprite.

Happy drinking!  And please celebrate safely.

Enjoy your celebrations!



2 responses to “Holiday Bonus: Makin’ Whiskey Sours.

  1. oh my favorite drink! I had one at wedding once where the bar tender made them taste like heaven! I’ve never seen anyone else do it so well. your recipe looks great

  2. The really great thing about simple syrup is that you can make buckets of it and keep it for later. Iced teas and the like.

    I think next in the “Drink like a grown-up” series will be a Mojito or something similarly awesome.

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