Will it blend?

I’m back in College Town, USA and scrambling to get organized for my last semester as an undergraduate.  It’s not all bad, one of my “organization” projects was to head to Target and buy two things that I have been desperately wanting: a large barrel curling iron and a blender.

After much hemming and hawing, I settled on this sleek looking Black and Decker model.

Ain't she purty?

So today, after I got back from the gym (speaking of the gym, as much as I love a good New Year New Commitment to Health, why are all those people there when I want to be there?), we set out to blend some stuff.

Frozen berries, Ice, Mocafé smoothie powder and some Orange/Peach/Mango juice (don’t think the boyfriend is quite ready for spinach and almond milk), and we were in business.

What say you, folks?  What else should I blend?

Also, for all you concerned college football fans, Rich Rodriguez has been shown the door at the University of Michigan.  No word yet on Greg Robinson, the much maligned defense coordinator.  But here’s a fabulously interesting blog post on where it all went wrong.


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