MUN is F-U-N.

Greetings all over again.  As I mentioned in my last post, I was super busy running a Model United Nations Conference (and subsequently recovering from said conference) this past week or so and I wasn’t around to blog much.  But I’m back, and now you fine folks get to hear all about my conference experience.

If you’ve never heard of MUN, it stands for Model United Nations, a form of debate/socializing for students during which they assume the role of a given country and spend a weekend collaborating with other students to pass legislation on a given topic.  We also throw a pretty kickass delegate dance.

My role for this year’s conference was to act as a liaison between the high school advisers and our college student staff.  This means that I put a lot of miles on my car and spent a lot of time apologizing because educators, as I have learned well, are incredibly needy people.

Me and a cohort.

Examples of fabulously ill-timed suggestions include (but are by no means limited to):*
-Would it be possible for you [college students] to provide midnight supervision at the [off sight] hotel?
-Can you find a way to desexualize the dance?
-Do you have a refrigerator we can use?

Their commitment to minutiae drove me crazy for the first two days of the conference until we had a fire in our building.  Suddenly, I was panicked beyond all belief and began manically searching for all 500 of the children for whom I was legally responsible.  And then I understood. The terror I felt that someone — some blessed little adult-in-formation — might still be in that building brought me back down to earth almost immediately.  Because when you are an educator you take on the unenviable charge of bringing these children successfully into adulthood.  And every little detail matters because there is nothing more important that ensuring the safety and well being of these children.

All of that is food.

So I chilled out.  Or rather, I mostly chilled out.  Because there was a lot of cool stuff that went down during this conference.  For example, we held the first annual UMMUN food drive, which brought in a ton of donations and garnered a free dinner for the winning school.  And for the most part, these kids had the time of their lives which for me, is all that matters.

Anyway, time to catch up on my life.  Later in the week, I’ll tell you about why I am passionately committed to Model United Nations.

*Clearly, there were also many, many positive and helpfully constructive questions and criticisms brought forth, but some of them definitely brought on “excuse me, what did you say?” type moments.


2 responses to “MUN is F-U-N.

  1. I love reading about other people’s passions. It’s so incredibly and beautiful how we are bestowed different passions to truly make a difference in the world, at all angles!

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