Democracy in Action!

For the past two days, I had the distinct privilege of working as a volunteer on Sarah Ledford’s campaign for Youth Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.  This entailed a two-day (most expense paid) whirlwind adventure to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Republican State Convention, with my (admittedly small in number) Republican buddies.

My Buddy Evan and Sarah herself.

And it was awesome.

Living where I live, if you’re a Republican you generally choose not to talk about it.  Because the minute you mention that you’re a gasp Republican, people tend to assume that you hate women/homosexuals/people of color.  If you don’t mention it, you tend to stand a chance at keeping friends.  At a convention filled with people who identify similarly, conversations about politics didn’t automatically devolve into an absolute blood bath.  Individual viewpoints were discussed and agreements to disagree were made.  It felt really good to be completely politically authentic.

Highlights of the convention?

  • There was an after party hosted by Representative Foster at this sweet dueling piano bar called Mojo’s.  The pianos were on the first floor, but on the second was this really killer bar/dance floor.  If you’ve always figured that Republicans are buttoned down, uptight people, you would change your mind after this party.  An absolute blast was had by all, despite the 6:25 am call time for the next day.
  • I finally got a really sweet GOP/Elephant pin.  Elephants are my favorite animal regardless of political affiliation, so it was super exciting to find a piece of jewelry that whispered instead of screamed.  (I also got my dad a pair of GOP logo cufflinks, but I didn’t get a picture of them.)
  • Finally, and most importantly, our candidate won!  Congratulations to Vice Chair Ledford!  She was awesome, and the victory was awesome.

After Party.

Volunteer uniform/caught mid-laugh.

Hotel where portions of the convention were held.

New swag!


So how about you all?  Do you ever feel like you need to hide what you think in public?  Have you found a place where there are tons of people just like you?


One response to “Democracy in Action!

  1. For some reason I was thinking about that last paragraph this morning, when I remembered a recent experience of mine. I went to a local (Democratic) party meeting the night of the State of the State address, and a number of people there were pre-reacting to what the the governor was about to say. In the back of my head I said ‘well, maybe we should give Snyder (of whom I’m actually a bit of a fan) the benefit of the doubt for the first few months.’ Maybe I should have said it out loud.

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