I cheated.

Last Saturday, I cheated on the 30-for-30.  I had my reasons, mind you.  Because I had to wear a uniform of sorts, unofficial though it may have been.  See, last Saturday was the ACUI regional 9-Ball tournament, my fourth and last — at least until I return to graduate school.

My first year at regionals, a tournament I was entered into about 2.5 weeks after I began playing “seriously” was an interesting experience.  I took third in a round robin of four people, successfully beating somebody’s girlfriend and being trounced by a former-pro in a tracksuit and the other girl from my school.  It was a sobering, but motivating experience.  And I was hooked.

The next year, I guaranteed my attendance at nationals by winning an independent qualifier.  For shits and giggles, I went to regionals, which I won…by default.  The only woman in attendance, I entered the newly created “open” tournament and took seventh, much to many’s chagrin.  And the year after that, I took first in a field of five women.

The point I’m getting at here, is that I’ve won this tournament a lot, and I wanted to do it again.  I needed this hat trick.  And so, last Saturday, I put on my pool-playing uniform and headed off to a four-person round robin tournament.

The book-ending poetry was not lost on me, as I faced a format of play that I don’t particularly care for.  And I could bore you all with tales of my eventual uphill battle.  The point is:  I did it.And here’s the required shot of me with my medal in hand.


2 responses to “I cheated.

  1. everything is fair in love and war…!

  2. congrats! and we wont tell- the medal looks like a great accessory on you!

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