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I cheated.

Last Saturday, I cheated on the 30-for-30.  I had my reasons, mind you.  Because I had to wear a uniform of sorts, unofficial though it may have been.  See, last Saturday was the ACUI regional 9-Ball tournament, my fourth and last — at least until I return to graduate school.

My first year at regionals, a tournament I was entered into about 2.5 weeks after I began playing “seriously” was an interesting experience.  I took third in a round robin of four people, successfully beating somebody’s girlfriend and being trounced by a former-pro in a tracksuit and the other girl from my school.  It was a sobering, but motivating experience.  And I was hooked.

The next year, I guaranteed my attendance at nationals by winning an independent qualifier.  For shits and giggles, I went to regionals, which I won…by default.  The only woman in attendance, I entered the newly created “open” tournament and took seventh, much to many’s chagrin.  And the year after that, I took first in a field of five women.

The point I’m getting at here, is that I’ve won this tournament a lot, and I wanted to do it again.  I needed this hat trick.  And so, last Saturday, I put on my pool-playing uniform and headed off to a four-person round robin tournament.

The book-ending poetry was not lost on me, as I faced a format of play that I don’t particularly care for.  And I could bore you all with tales of my eventual uphill battle.  The point is:  I did it.And here’s the required shot of me with my medal in hand.


So you’re hungover…

So you’re hungover.  It happens, don’t beat yourself up too much over it.  But as I’m sure everybody will learn at some point during their brief stay on this planet, there is little worse than a brutally horrific hangover.  Focus, movement and completion of basic life tasks become near impossible, nausea threatens the your ability to consume solid foods and the terrific pounding behind the eyes renders sleep the only viable option.  Despair not! You can overcome the beast.


First, understand your foe.  The hangover has four main causes:

  1. Dehydration:  Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that you’re going to go to the bathroom a lot, which is incredibly dehydrating.  Furthermore, if you’re busy pounding double captain and diets, you probably aren’t pausing to drink an ice cold glass of water.
  2. Electrolyte loss:  See previous remark about the diuretic nature of alcohol.  You’re also losing most of your electrolytes, which will contribute to that wonky feeling in the morning.
  3. Low blood sugar: When you’re drinking, you’re essentially sending your body into sugar rush tailspin.  (Even more so if you like sugary mixers.)  The next morning, all that sugar is gone and its not a great feeling.
  4. Withdrawal:  That shaky feeling?  Those, my friends, are the DTs.  Alcohol is so addictive, that your body starts to go into withdrawal after a night of heavy drinking.  Which is why a little hair-o’-the-dog-that-bit-you works like a charm.  And which is also why you should never. ever. cure. your. hangover. with. hair. of. the. dog.

Here is the point in time where I ought to offer some “hangover prevention tips” like: drink responsibly, limit yourself to one drink per hour and drink a complete glass of water between each, don’t consume sugary mixers and blahblahblahblahwhatever, you’re probably still going to end up wasted and brutally hungover one day.  So what to do?

-Drink water.  Now, don’t go chugging the water, because that would probably be disastrous  (Unless of course, you preach the detoxifying benefits of morning-after puking…which I don’t), little sips should do it.
-Think about your electrolytes and blood sugar.  This is where Gatorade comes into play for most people.  Personally, I hate Gatorade, and choose full sugar Coke instead.  However you do it, make sure you’re getting some form of sugar and electrolytes back into your blood stream.
-Solid food.  You aren’t going to want it, but you’ll feel so much better after you do.

So friends, what do you do when you’re hungover?


So here I am, on a typical sort of work day.  Wearing typical sorts of work clothes.  And it’s all good.

Work smart, not hard.


This was a knocking around sort of outfit.  Grey cords, blue cardigan, black tank.  Good times in the middle of winter.


Another interview outfit for a particularly slushy day.  For some reason, I really love pairing skirts with those boots (my “duck hunting” boots).


So I realize that I’ve been lacking in substance these days.  I swear it’s nothing personal, just a busy week with some family members in town.  Expect more substantive substance soon!

So very tired.

So here was my eighth outfit.  I wore it to run interviews, I wore it to dinner with my parents, I wore it to the bar with my cousin, and I wore it when I slept on a friend’s futon.  This was taken the morning after all of that, and I must say…it held up pretty well.


Today’s outfit consisted of yesterday’s jeans, yesterday’s accessories and a slouchy black sweater.  Perfect for a day spent catching up on work, running errands and cooking.