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So here I am, on a typical sort of work day.  Wearing typical sorts of work clothes.  And it’s all good.

Work smart, not hard.



This was a knocking around sort of outfit.  Grey cords, blue cardigan, black tank.  Good times in the middle of winter.


Another interview outfit for a particularly slushy day.  For some reason, I really love pairing skirts with those boots (my “duck hunting” boots).


So I realize that I’ve been lacking in substance these days.  I swear it’s nothing personal, just a busy week with some family members in town.  Expect more substantive substance soon!

So very tired.

So here was my eighth outfit.  I wore it to run interviews, I wore it to dinner with my parents, I wore it to the bar with my cousin, and I wore it when I slept on a friend’s futon.  This was taken the morning after all of that, and I must say…it held up pretty well.


Today’s outfit consisted of yesterday’s jeans, yesterday’s accessories and a slouchy black sweater.  Perfect for a day spent catching up on work, running errands and cooking.


Like a worldly giraffe.

Jeans: Gap
Tank: Gap
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Target
Jewelry: Street markets and thrift stores
Perplexed expression: homemade

This is me, on a desk, looking intently at the world and the trail of rubber bands on it.  It more or less summarizes my day on Sunday.


Artsy.Brown Dress: Kay Unger, purchased in a shady manner from Russian merchants in Itaewon.
Navy Blue/Copper Cardigan: Gap
Jewelry: Street merchants.

Excuse my mess.

I wore this outfit to a classy party (Real Housewives of Ann Arbor themed, actually.), in part because its classy and in part because it is my absolute favorite dress ever.  Seriously.  This is one of the few items of clothing I own that truly makes me feel beautiful.

The rest of the weekend was pretty boring, clothes-wise.  I was at work the whole time, but this week will mean more interesting sartorial choices from yours truly.