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So you’re hungover…

So you’re hungover.  It happens, don’t beat yourself up too much over it.  But as I’m sure everybody will learn at some point during their brief stay on this planet, there is little worse than a brutally horrific hangover.  Focus, movement and completion of basic life tasks become near impossible, nausea threatens the your ability to consume solid foods and the terrific pounding behind the eyes renders sleep the only viable option.  Despair not! You can overcome the beast.


First, understand your foe.  The hangover has four main causes:

  1. Dehydration:  Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that you’re going to go to the bathroom a lot, which is incredibly dehydrating.  Furthermore, if you’re busy pounding double captain and diets, you probably aren’t pausing to drink an ice cold glass of water.
  2. Electrolyte loss:  See previous remark about the diuretic nature of alcohol.  You’re also losing most of your electrolytes, which will contribute to that wonky feeling in the morning.
  3. Low blood sugar: When you’re drinking, you’re essentially sending your body into sugar rush tailspin.  (Even more so if you like sugary mixers.)  The next morning, all that sugar is gone and its not a great feeling.
  4. Withdrawal:  That shaky feeling?  Those, my friends, are the DTs.  Alcohol is so addictive, that your body starts to go into withdrawal after a night of heavy drinking.  Which is why a little hair-o’-the-dog-that-bit-you works like a charm.  And which is also why you should never. ever. cure. your. hangover. with. hair. of. the. dog.

Here is the point in time where I ought to offer some “hangover prevention tips” like: drink responsibly, limit yourself to one drink per hour and drink a complete glass of water between each, don’t consume sugary mixers and blahblahblahblahwhatever, you’re probably still going to end up wasted and brutally hungover one day.  So what to do?

-Drink water.  Now, don’t go chugging the water, because that would probably be disastrous  (Unless of course, you preach the detoxifying benefits of morning-after puking…which I don’t), little sips should do it.
-Think about your electrolytes and blood sugar.  This is where Gatorade comes into play for most people.  Personally, I hate Gatorade, and choose full sugar Coke instead.  However you do it, make sure you’re getting some form of sugar and electrolytes back into your blood stream.
-Solid food.  You aren’t going to want it, but you’ll feel so much better after you do.

So friends, what do you do when you’re hungover?


A brief cautionary tale.

This picture, of me proudly displaying my birthday crate of clementines, has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Last night, several friends and I went to the bar.  One of these friends is in the midst of the law school application process.  His roommate was supposed to be home working on a paper.  Said roommate appears, still wearing a three piece suit and his formal wool winter coat.  “I can only stay for a minute” he declared (in hindsight, ominously) “but I think you need to open this.”

Bearing a standard white business envelope from a top-tier law school, Juris Doctor-bound friend shifted awkwardly in his seat and asked, exasperated “You want me to open this here?  In the bar?  In front of everyone?”  Roommate responded in an assenting manner.  The letter was opened, and it was not good news.

General consensus: Roommate should go home.

Extreme text-based pandemonium ensued.  The rejection letter was mad-libsed.  Alcohol consumption, and thus all tabs open, increased significantly.  While all parties involved are now fairly relaxed about the whole incident, there are some valuable lessons to be learned.

  • Standard white business envelopes from top tier graduate or professional schools should never be taken as good news.  (I would amend that to say that no piece of correspondence from any of the aforementioned should be taken as good news – but I’m a cynic.)
  • Good intentions aside, roommates should probably leave their fellow cohabitants’ mail alone.
  • Three-piece suits are not appropriate bar attire.
  • It might actually be good to open your mail at the bar (particularly if you’re in the midst of a highly stressful application cycle).  At the very least, you don’t have to change locations to drown your sorrows.  (Or celebrate…but let’s be real here, you celebrate with phone calls to family, you accept rejection with friends at the bar.)
  • And finally, you could avoid this entire situation by living alone.  But then what would we laugh about later?

Will it blend?

I’m back in College Town, USA and scrambling to get organized for my last semester as an undergraduate.  It’s not all bad, one of my “organization” projects was to head to Target and buy two things that I have been desperately wanting: a large barrel curling iron and a blender.

After much hemming and hawing, I settled on this sleek looking Black and Decker model.

Ain't she purty?

So today, after I got back from the gym (speaking of the gym, as much as I love a good New Year New Commitment to Health, why are all those people there when I want to be there?), we set out to blend some stuff.

Frozen berries, Ice, Mocafé smoothie powder and some Orange/Peach/Mango juice (don’t think the boyfriend is quite ready for spinach and almond milk), and we were in business.

What say you, folks?  What else should I blend?

Also, for all you concerned college football fans, Rich Rodriguez has been shown the door at the University of Michigan.  No word yet on Greg Robinson, the much maligned defense coordinator.  But here’s a fabulously interesting blog post on where it all went wrong.

Holiday Bonus: Makin’ Whiskey Sours.

Once again, we return to my super special “Drink Like a Grown Up” series.  Last time, we made Manhattans, which we all learned are highly classy beverages.  (And not for the faint of heart.  Or the weak of stomach lining.)  This go around, we’re going to make something fun!  And appropriate for a large orange cooler!  At a party with beer pong and unfortunate hookups!

It’s the Whiskey Sour!

Now, there are a lot of ways to make Whiskey Sours, many of them involving some creepy high fructose corn syrup-laden bottled “mix.”  Avoid, avoid, avoid.  Because we’re better than that, right?  So here’s what you need:

Assemble your ingredients.

-Sauce pan.
-Liquor measuring implements.
-Cocktail shaker (Solo cup or otherwise).
-Lemon juice.
-Maraschino cherries.

First, start by making a simple syrup.  (Doin’ it up right.)  Combine equal parts water and sugar in your saucepan and heat until the sugar is dissolved.  I recommend doing this a little ahead of time so that the syrup has adequate time to cool.

Before heating.

Completed syrup.

While you’re waiting, pour some sugar onto a plate and slice the lemon.  Run the lemon around the edge of the glass and then put the glass, rimside down, into the sugar.  Voila, lemon sugar rimmed glass.  (For a large party, you can do this ahead of time, too.)

Rimming the glass.

Now that your syrup is cool, pour 3 parts Whiskey (I trust you to judge how big your parts are), 2 parts lemon juice (I used the bottled because that’s a lot of lemons), and 1 part simple syrup over the ice in your shaker.
Strain and garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.



Now, if you’re making this for a huge party, there’s a way to do that too!  No need to do the simple syrup, you can replace the non-Whiskey liquids with lemonade concentrate (don’t dilute it for that sour zing) and sprite.

Happy drinking!  And please celebrate safely.

Enjoy your celebrations!


Holiday Bonus! Let’s make Manhattans!

Partly because its the holiday and partly because it’s part of my Journey to Adulthood, I have decided to expand my cocktail repertoire.  First up!  The Manhattan!  A classic drink made of whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters, it is served up in a traditional cocktail glass (we in the college world often call them “Martini Glasses”) with a maraschino cherry.  (Stem on, the better with which to perform oral tricks.)

Appropriate occasions for serving a Manhattan: meeting your future father-in-law for the first time, signature cocktail for a Mad Men watching party, as a special Christmas drink for a whiskey-loving lover or friend.

Occasions where you should probably skip the Manhattan: parties protesting the Four Loko ban, beer pong tournaments, post-finals celebratory power hours, anything where Jungle Juice would be more appropriate.

So here’s how it’s done!

Getting the party started. In a classy way, of course.

First of all, assemble your ingredients:  We have some Crown Royal (which I have also used to glaze a ham), Sweet Vermouth, Bitters and Cherries.  I also have a homemade cocktail shaker, but you’ll see that later.

Put some ice in your newly-minted Solo Strainer Pourer and measure out your poisons.  The whiskey:vermouth ratio is 2:1.

Then, add a few droplets of bitters (seriously, I dripped in three drops) and stir in your icy glass and strain into the classy cocktail glass.

That, my friends, is some serious ingenuity.

Garnish and enjoy!