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Super Bowl commercial presented without comment.


Let’s pause for a hot second to talk about how weird this commercial is.

No, seriously.

So I’m sitting here watching a Big Ten school rightfully romp and stomp all over the mysteriously twelfth ranked Missouri Tigers. And this commercial comes on, during the commercial break where we hear from both schools about how great they are. And my brother who, for the record, is living it up at Mizzou says “watch this, this is creepy.”

So I watch this promotional spot, and it is really really creepy. I’m not sure what makes it creepy. Is it the lady with the ugly hat? The comforting news anchor looking less-than-thrilled that he’s been called up to represent? Or the fact that Jon Hamm appears to have been drinking the kool-aid?

Actually, I think that the entire cast took a large dose of benzodiazepine before being filmed by the FilmStudies202 class.


Just dropping this off right here.