Like a worldly giraffe.

Jeans: Gap
Tank: Gap
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Target
Jewelry: Street markets and thrift stores
Perplexed expression: homemade

This is me, on a desk, looking intently at the world and the trail of rubber bands on it.  It more or less summarizes my day on Sunday.


Super Bowl commercial presented without comment.


Artsy.Brown Dress: Kay Unger, purchased in a shady manner from Russian merchants in Itaewon.
Navy Blue/Copper Cardigan: Gap
Jewelry: Street merchants.

Excuse my mess.

I wore this outfit to a classy party (Real Housewives of Ann Arbor themed, actually.), in part because its classy and in part because it is my absolute favorite dress ever.  Seriously.  This is one of the few items of clothing I own that truly makes me feel beautiful.

The rest of the weekend was pretty boring, clothes-wise.  I was at work the whole time, but this week will mean more interesting sartorial choices from yours truly.


Me, in my parents laundry room, doing laundry.

Gray lace camisole: Gap
Straight leg jeans: Gap
Cardigan: Gap
Jewelry: Gifted

Another cop-out outfit, but today was really super busy.  With lots of running around.
I love this cardigan though, it has a lot more structure than normal ones.


Out and about outfit!

Jeans: Gap
Heels: Payless
Sequined tank: Express
Cardigan: Gap
Necklace: Used to be a curtain in a Shanghai dance club.
Earrings/Necklace: Beijing market.

This was my trivia outfit.  And we won!


Boots: Hunter
Boot socks: Hunter
Leggings: Gap
Sweater: Stolen from my mother

The first day of Big Orange!  I rolled off a friends futon (post Snowmageddon) and threw this on for the following activities:

-Pushing Puddles (that’s my car) out of the worst parking lot in history.  It was an long, albeit hilarious, undertaking.
-Picking my Floridian cousin from the airport (in white-out conditions, no less!)

How do you think I should remix Big Orange?


My first outfit for the challenge was pretty simple.  (Apologies in advance for the strange photo quality, I’m still working on the scientific art of timed photos.)  Yesterday was a day spent running around between classes and meetings, doing errands to prepare for the coming of Snowmageddon 2011, and being “snowed in” with some friends and some board games.

Pink button down: Gap
Tank top: Old Navy
Grey cords: Gap
Belt: Khol’s.
Watch: Thrifted
Bracelets: Buddhist prayer beads
Other jewelry: Gifted

I shod my feet with a pair of sensible-but-clunky leather loafers.  Perfect for running around town, not so great to photograph.

Look, they all match!