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Blogging is Complicated

This is not Catie.

In contemplating blog creation and maintenance, I consulted my best friend Catie, who writes over at Primary Ignition, for tips and ideas.  (After all, this is quire a heavy undertaking.)  Here’s what she had to say:

1. Having a specific theme. It should be general enough that you can write about a lot of things, but they’re not all over the place. Food or travel or books or politics or whatever. Some general topic that gives you focus will help A LOT.

2. Choosing a regular update schedule and sticking to it. I wouldn’t recommend taking on a daily blog during your last semester of senior year. Maybe start with something you update two or three times a week and then once you have more time and a following, you can update to daily or on weekdays or whatever you please!

3. Write posts in advance so you can edit them and so you can have someone else edit them. Editing is so essential.

4. Be willing to spend a little money so you can get your own domain name. You can do that through wordpress, but you’ll have to spend a little $$. It’s worth it for the professional tone you get and it will help get your blog a bigger audience. This is a time to think about the long run: if you want a blog to entertain yourself and a few others, blogger is great. Shoot, so is tumblr. But if you want to do yourself a real-ass blog that people eventually link to and republish from and think is awesome, then you kinda need your own thing so you have more credibility. No one really wants to link to blogger anymore, you know?

Those are my thoughts! I’m not an independent blogger because I frankly don’t currently have the material or inclination to run a successful blog about anything. For me, becoming part of an established team is the best route. But those were the things I considered when I thought about starting one.

Also! Consider asking someone to collaborate with you! You have such a wide global network of friends and acquaintances that between two or three of you, you could start a blog that updates daily with quality material. Also great for getting the word out…the bigger your social network, the more likely your blog is to be successful!

1.)  I can’t stick with any one particular theme, so I’ve selected three.  (You can find them up top).  Eating good food, having a fun and happy life and watching international pissing matches are three of my passions.  You can expect healthy doses of all three.
2.)  For the time being, you can expect posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  As time goes on, well, we’ll see how its going.
3.) Eventually, I’d like to get my own domain name, but that’s just not in the financial cards at the moment.  I also hope to get some guest posts and collaborations going as things pick up.  For now, and as with all naturally evolving things, we’ll just have to wait and see.

And now, dear readers, I will return to the real world.
There is cleaning to be done!


A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

I am not an inherently interesting person.  Every day is just about the same as the day before.  Still, I have a lot of thoughts that may or may not be of worth.  This is a place for my thoughts.

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